The theme for today’s Photo-A-Day Challenge is “Goal.”

Goal. unbaked french bread
French bread taking its second rise before baking. It turned out delicious.


I thought about going down to the park and taking a picture of the basketball goal, but that wouldn’t be saying a lot about what I’m thinking about this new year.

No, for 2015, I’m breaking with tradition and old thoughts that are holding me back. It isn’t like this concept is new to me, I’ve been working with this for years, but this time it feels different. I guess it could be called a new year’s resolution, but I would rather not. I think the purpose of art in general, for me anyway, is to get people to stop and look at life differently, to reconsider issues whether they be local, global, or personal.

That’s why I’m taking a picture of part of my family’s New Year’s meal I made. It isn’t the traditional black eyed peas, greens, and some sort of pork that is supposed to bring us luck. Tonight we had Chicken Alfredo and Homemade French Bread. I’m a rebel.




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