Oh, man. Organizing is not my strong trait for sure. Not to say I don’t work hard on it. In short bursts. When my attention span can handle it.

My husband and I have started cleaning out my office/the guest room/the snoring room for other reasons. How did it end up in such shambles? I’m in there crafting for a few hours several days a week.

Well there’s my answer. The eye-glazed over madness of working so intently on my projects that I don’t bother looking around or cleaning up and then I go directly to bed because I’m so tired afterwards. Then I don’t open the door to that room until inspiration strikes again or time allows.

Then if I have to choose between cleaning or doing something to make a memory with my daughter, the latter wins every time. My priorities are straight, albeit a little sloppy.

Last year I bought a cheap planner. I loved it for all of a month. Then I forgot about it. When I found it a month later, I put it on the counter and used it occasionally. No wonder I forgot to take my daughter to her ballet class Thanksgiving week. There were other factors that caused that too, but excuses, excuses.

The partially filled out planner, complete with coffee ring. It's already being used as a coaster.
The partially filled out planner, complete with coffee ring. It’s already being used as a coaster.

There are a few weeks in the planner with absolutely nothing written on it. Since my office desk is now in the living room and the planner lives on the desk open to the day it should be open to, I don’t see any reason at the moment why it won’t get used. I’m going to take the little bit of coffee I’ve allowed myself today and raise it up to say, “Here’s to organization. Let me get the best of it before it gets the best of me.”


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