Delicate, Dark

I’m going to wait on today’s post, which is supposed to be open. Not only did I not have a picture prepared, but that would make the title for today Delicate, Dark, Open. That sounds like a horror film title.

I missed two days because Friday afternoon was not easy. My hubby brought me beautiful flowers and a caramel iced brownie to make up for it. I have a wonderful friend who made the morning fantastic and that helped to make things easier as well. Sometimes there are hurdles that take some adjusting to get over. It’s taking me time, but I’m getting there. Change can be harder for some than others.

Anyway, delicate. My hubby suggested the picture of a flower. I like that idea.

DelicateI’m not entirely happy with it because the detail quality is not what I had in mind. I also wanted the other things in the picture to be more blurry, as I was trying to focus on the flower in the center. I used the AV mode and had a difficult time taking the picture because the camera would not focus for the shot I was trying to get. It was great to take a minute and play with the settings. Maybe I’ll figure out how to get the picture I want from this type of shot soon.

I tried something different for the dark picture. I put the camera on the floor and took a picture under the chair. The side of the chair mostly blocked the flash. I wanted to see what it would do.

DarkI think it has an interesting effect. I’m surprised there aren’t any toys under there. That’s usually where I find my dog’s tennis balls for playing fetch.


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