Days 14 through 18

Another make up day. I’m still here.

Day 14: Everyday I…

This had me singing, “Every day I’m shufflin,'” because I’m cheesy.

IMG_0220Really, every day I am greeted by this one who is so happy to see me. Unless she managed to get into the trash or something when I was gone, then she tentatively wants to see if I’ve noticed or not yet. She acts even happier to see my hubby, although he doesn’t typically feed her. She is in need of a haircut.

Day 15: Shiny

Water and its plastic vessel.IMG_0224

Day 16: Bundle

There is a great quote I’m not looking up right now about getting a bouquet of pencils in the fall from the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” This is what I was going for here.


A bundle of pencils. Because school supplies are cool.

Day 17: Glass


I’ve kept up with this little candle holder through a few moves. It’s cute, but doesn’t have any significance or attachment. I do like how the camera blurred the background for me.

Day 18: Black and White


I shot this as the sun was going down. It is amazing how turning on one more light in the house made such a big difference in this picture. Aren’t these Mary Janes adorable?


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