Entertainment and A Noise

Day 19: Entertainment

I like a little background noise for my crafting. I’ll usually either turn on Pandora or the television to help keep my mind from wandering too far.

IMG_0239This is my remote, who’s home is on the arm rest next to my spot on the couch. My spot on the couch has perfect viewing angles into the kitchen, out the back door, into my daughter’s room, and directly at the television. It’s not like I’ve put any thought into it.

Day 20: A Noise

It takes some time for me to adjust to new noises. The train in the distance at night doesn’t bother me anymore. During late evening, the nearly nonexistent glub-glub of water being sucked into the humidifier makes me jump out of my spot on the couch.


This machine has been here a couple weeks. I’m hoping to get used to it soon. It works for why I bought it.


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