A Building

Today is not the day to procrastinate, but I did. I didn’t look at what the prompt was at all until late.

I waited until the house was quiet before I got out the camera and that was a mistake because my prompt is “A Building.”

With the kiddo asleep and my hubby not home from work, I couldn’t go anywhere. Plus it’s dark and there are few buildings that come to mind I would like to capture at night.

So I made my own.

A Building

I used a different setting on my Canon Rebel T3 (someone correct me if it’s called something else, that’s what I saw on the box.)

The button was CA- standing for Creative Auto. I used a flash because I was taking the picture by lamplight at 9 at night. I like the way the colors look.


Open, Artwork

Did anyone else notice I’m working on the challenge from 2014? I laughed so hard when I realized my faus pax tonight. I left my planner in my hubby’s car this morning and had to look up the prompt when I got home. I’m just going to go with it. If someone at the blog I pulled the calendar from has stuck with this for over a year, I can finish this calendar for this month from 2014. There is one out for 2015.

My prompt for yesterday was open. There are so many things that are open here at any given time: cabinets, drawers, doors, windows, and the like. None of them struck me as a good subject. Instead, I opened something that was closed and put away already.


We had just been using these minutes before. I adore crayons. They have as much potential as the person holding them wants them to have.

The prompt I’m using for today is artwork.


This is part of a painting I have hanging over my workspace. The contrasting colors of deep purple and yellow are interesting to me. This is an oil painting on Masonite completed by an amateur. Me. It isn’t perfect, but I like it.

Delicate, Dark

I’m going to wait on today’s post, which is supposed to be open. Not only did I not have a picture prepared, but that would make the title for today Delicate, Dark, Open. That sounds like a horror film title.

I missed two days because Friday afternoon was not easy. My hubby brought me beautiful flowers and a caramel iced brownie to make up for it. I have a wonderful friend who made the morning fantastic and that helped to make things easier as well. Sometimes there are hurdles that take some adjusting to get over. It’s taking me time, but I’m getting there. Change can be harder for some than others.

Anyway, delicate. My hubby suggested the picture of a flower. I like that idea.

DelicateI’m not entirely happy with it because the detail quality is not what I had in mind. I also wanted the other things in the picture to be more blurry, as I was trying to focus on the flower in the center. I used the AV mode and had a difficult time taking the picture because the camera would not focus for the shot I was trying to get. It was great to take a minute and play with the settings. Maybe I’ll figure out how to get the picture I want from this type of shot soon.

I tried something different for the dark picture. I put the camera on the floor and took a picture under the chair. The side of the chair mostly blocked the flash. I wanted to see what it would do.

DarkI think it has an interesting effect. I’m surprised there aren’t any toys under there. That’s usually where I find my dog’s tennis balls for playing fetch.

Looking Up

This was a late evening with poor lighting.

Looking Up

I think on the side of my left eye there is a smear of mascara from where I wiped my eyes while reading to my daughter a little bit ago. I didn’t do a hair or makeup check before getting out the camera.

I don’t know what other people took pictures of today who are doing this challenge, but since I am choosing to look up this year I took a selfie.

I used portrait mode and didn’t play with the settings as I have been so far this year. This time I chose to do things the easy way and not make additional adjustments. Right now I’m okay with that.

In Between

In BetweenThis is a green triangular block inverted and balanced in between two yellow triangles.

Tonight I felt desperate for an image, but now that I look at it, I think it works.

Without the support of the yellow blocks, the green triangle would not be able to balance. Obviously the green block is not used to hanging upside down, but needs the support to be able to do what it needs to do. While not everyone might agree that the best thing for the green block is to hang out for a while upside down, the green block is following its own path, maybe some day to become yellow, or better yet, to be different and content to stay green. Right now, the block is in between places, but right where it needs to be for the time being.

Obviously, I need rest.


I considered this for a little while this morning. I thought of taking a picture of the exit doors at Target. That’s the first thing that popped into my head- two out doors.

In the hustle of the day, I forgot.

That would have been an easy thing to do anyway, since it was the first thing that popped into my head.

My hubby, daughter, and I did manage to make it down to the park for a few minutes. It was a beautiful day, and I remembered my camera.


It’s just some tree limbs against the blue sky, but out of everything there this is what reminded me most of the outdoors. There was something about the freedom and depth of the sky as a backdrop for the intertwining branches. They looked like roots, almost as if the trees had been turned upside down.


On the Counter

There are many things on my counters. Really, there are too many things on my counters. As much as I try to clear things, it’s like more things sprout in the night.

But here is a recent addition that will make it to the refrigerator- our wall of artwork.

On the Counter

While it looks like an ordinary thank you note from a wonderful friend, it does in fact have a drawing of a volcano on the inside. I did not know that until I opened it, but now I just cannot live without it.

It really is the little things in life that keep me moving forward and on to the next challenge. I’ll keep and send as many thank you notes as I can.