Project Joy: Post 2

Apparently I had 2 sites running and didn’t realize it, so that’s where my other posts went. I crack myself up. Let’s play catch up here.

The mini lesson at church today (last Sunday by now) was finding joy.

I find that serendipitous.

There’s another picture of the lake and the beautiful overcast sky.





And here is the most adorable baby dragon I have ever seen. Rawrs and all.


Pure happiness here.


The remainder of January

Day 21: Accessory

AccessoryOne of my daughter’s hair ties. I’m digging the short hair right now, so I don’t have any of these for myself at the moment.

Day 22: On My Plate

On my plateCrumbs. Crumbs are what are usually on my plate.

Day 23: In My Town

In my town

Flip Flops are worn nearly year round. It is warm enough in the winter to comfortably get away with this. Whether one can fashionably get away with this is debatable.

Day 24: Making

MakingI am making cloth diapers. I plan on using both these and disposables when our little gentleman arrives later this year.

Day 25: Laugh

LaughI tried taking a picture of me using this, but just was not happy with the result. It’s a mustache to go on a sucker, and I have to say, this is how I will be eating my suckers now. It’s just too fun. I made them for my daughter’s class. If they enjoy them half as much as I have, they will have been worth the two quarters and twenty minutes it took to make them.

Day 26: Salty

SaltyBecause salt. After I tried sea salt, I put the table salt down. Where has this been all my life? There is a huge difference in flavor here.

Day 27: Broken

BrokenThis is from my daughter’s Halloween costume. I bought it from the Dollar Tree. It was cute for a while, but after she banged it against everything trying to turn whatever into a real kitten or flying unicorn, it didn’t stand the test of time. At some point I’ll have to get out the hot glue gun, but right now it’s decorating the living room as a reminder of something else I need to do that only takes five minutes. Those five minute projects add up quickly.

Day 28: Something on me

Something on meI wore a hat this afternoon. After I saw my hair in the middle of the day, I thought it was a great idea. I let the baby model it for the photo shoot.

Day 29: Together

TogetherSalt and pepper. The smell of this made me want to pour olive oil over it and dip fresh bread into it. Too bad I didn’t have any fresh bread. The lighting could have been better so the salt would be more visible. In a previous photo, I poured salt on my dark kitchen table and that showed up well. If I had used the table for this shot, the pepper would have blended in with the background. I currently could not think of anything else I wanted to pour spices on to experiment with this shot. Something neutral would have been nice.

Day 30: A Game

A game

Graduating triangles. She’s only five, but she sneaks out to the back porch to draw with the sidewalk chalk. I had no idea she did this until I went to take a picture of the skateboard she drew, but I think it’s brilliant. I don’t know what she was trying to make, or if she was just experimenting with the shapes. She isn’t trying to make a statement or examine things differently. It is just a game.

Day 31: IcyIcy

This is not my ice cream. I do not care for mint chocolate chip. I rarely will eat a Thin Mint. My caramel swirl was gone long ago.

The January Challenge was fun. Although I did make it to equal a photo a day, many days I did not get to touch my camera. I did learn more about angles and some of the settings to achieve a better looking photo.


I considered this for a little while this morning. I thought of taking a picture of the exit doors at Target. That’s the first thing that popped into my head- two out doors.

In the hustle of the day, I forgot.

That would have been an easy thing to do anyway, since it was the first thing that popped into my head.

My hubby, daughter, and I did manage to make it down to the park for a few minutes. It was a beautiful day, and I remembered my camera.


It’s just some tree limbs against the blue sky, but out of everything there this is what reminded me most of the outdoors. There was something about the freedom and depth of the sky as a backdrop for the intertwining branches. They looked like roots, almost as if the trees had been turned upside down.


On the Counter

There are many things on my counters. Really, there are too many things on my counters. As much as I try to clear things, it’s like more things sprout in the night.

But here is a recent addition that will make it to the refrigerator- our wall of artwork.

On the Counter

While it looks like an ordinary thank you note from a wonderful friend, it does in fact have a drawing of a volcano on the inside. I did not know that until I opened it, but now I just cannot live without it.

It really is the little things in life that keep me moving forward and on to the next challenge. I’ll keep and send as many thank you notes as I can.




This girl knows how to relax.

Not me, but I’ve learned a little about relaxing from my dog. Some people wouldn’t know this by dropping in my house for a few minutes. She’s a little protective of her space and her people.

But most of the time, she sleeps.

I can’t believe I sat down on the couch to take this picture and she wasn’t immediately in my lap or cuddling up next to my leg. Much of the time when she does this I’m not even aware of her until I stand. Such a distracted human.


She was melting down into the ottoman.
She was melting down into the ottoman.

I will master this art of relaxing. Live in the moment… breathe… relax…I have much to learn.


The theme for today’s Photo-A-Day Challenge is “Goal.”

Goal. unbaked french bread
French bread taking its second rise before baking. It turned out delicious.


I thought about going down to the park and taking a picture of the basketball goal, but that wouldn’t be saying a lot about what I’m thinking about this new year.

No, for 2015, I’m breaking with tradition and old thoughts that are holding me back. It isn’t like this concept is new to me, I’ve been working with this for years, but this time it feels different. I guess it could be called a new year’s resolution, but I would rather not. I think the purpose of art in general, for me anyway, is to get people to stop and look at life differently, to reconsider issues whether they be local, global, or personal.

That’s why I’m taking a picture of part of my family’s New Year’s meal I made. It isn’t the traditional black eyed peas, greens, and some sort of pork that is supposed to bring us luck. Tonight we had Chicken Alfredo and Homemade French Bread. I’m a rebel.